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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WebComic Fury #2

Just released: WebComic Fury Digital Magazine & Journal, featuring an exclusive interview with Nate Piekos, mastermind of and creator of Atland, also an interview with webcomic creators J & J Maillet, authors of The Other Grey Meat, a review of Kristy Kuechenmeister's Wake the Sleepers, and a logo-making tutorial from the author of Obscurat. Cover drawing by Teh-Lady-Randomness, author of Daily Doodle. Click here to download the 2.2 MB PDF.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    Good to see that you are doing well and that Cynosure is doing well! Thanks for posting the kind words on my short-story on Writer's Pub. I greatly appreciate it. I'm concentrating mostly on short-stories, but I do have a graphic novel or two rattling around. I'll keep in touch!

    Thanks again,
    Sidney Blaylock, Jr. (Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writer)